Current Data and Forecast

Wetterlage Uhrzeit: 17:45
Low 20.2°C Hi 27.3°C

Luftdruck 1018.5 hPa
Luftfeuchte 52 %
Wind (Schnitt) 15.3 km/h
Wind (Max letzte h) 29.0 kmh N
Regenmenge heute 0.2 mm
Schneetage diese Jahr 0
Schnee in der Saison 0


Welcome to my private Weather-Homepage. Here you can find the actual weather data measured in Vienna / Austria, in the 14th district, Penzing (sited in the west). It is measured with a WS2315 wireless weather station and recorded with the Weather-Display software. All data is updated every 15 minutes. The webcam picture is updated between sunrise and sunset every 15 minutes. With Weathermail you can receive the daily weather data 4 times a day for free.
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In the menu on left you can find many links to charts, tables, pictures any many other information. Under Webcam you find my webcam and the broadest Webcam of Vienna collection (over 60 cams).You can access the data also with a mobile phone using WAP (find a demo here I also made a PDA ready page (for Pocket-PC). This view is also very useful for the Windows Active desktop (find the demo here Preview). 

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